Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Microsoft Student Partner !!!

Coming back after a really long time to my blog ! Got my official letter from Microsoft on being selected as a " Microsoft Student Partner " just a week ago.
There was a selection process held the last month. Initially we had to send in our interest of participation by registering and then the selections were held in two rounds. The first round was a written exam. It had fields like verbal ability, quantitative ability and some computer science stuff. Then we had a round of group discussions. The topic was all about possible computer markets, didn't expect such a topic so had to gather thoughts for a minute or so. But then it went about nicely. We were told that the results would take two weeks time to come. I didn't expect much at that moment.
For all you folks who want to know what benefits a Microsoft Student Partner gets :
First and foremost, would get to interact with tech enthusiasts around the world.
Would get a chance to test softwares, have the beta versions.
Chance to get trained from Microsoft.
Yeah and a MSDN premium subscription(I can't use one as I am still on a 3 month probation :( )
And the charm of being associated with Microsoft :)